Bed Time Stories by ThePiggieWheek

The piggies and two bunnies at the petting zoo where I work, attacking their lunch (apples!)

OMG, I’d love to lay in the middle of their pen! Thanks for the submeeshion :)

"An elepig never forgets. To eat his breakfast…" –Bret P. Michaels

Spotty (left) and Smores (right) !

So handsome! Thanks for the submeeshion :)


Momo is a model #guineapig #mybaby

Not the best picture because they’re still adjusting to their new home but here’s Jaq and Gus Gus!

Thanks for the submeeshion :)


Bath time


Ahhh, lookit that little paw! Thanks for the tag :)

Give me your love by evescesann


"My beautiful bow. What?? I’m still masculine!" =]

Yes you are you beautiful boar!

Disapproving guinea pig has perfectly manicured paws


James Ward (1769–1859) - Guinea Pigs. Oil on canvas, 29 x 39 cm. 1843.

I’d love to start a guinea pig fine art collection!

Momo got her first bath!

Lil’ Miss Bobble Head! Thanks for the submeeshion :)

Piggy feast with Oscar (brown) and Felix (black). I’ve never heard so much squealing. 

Guinea pig heaven! Thanks for the submeeshion :)


And the last one from this super cutie<333