My guinea pig Mocha being a cutie!

So sweet, thanks for the submeeshion!

My two guinea pigs, Holmes and Watson, on the first day I had them. This was just over a year ago, and they’ve got much fatter, but no smarter!

Lols! Thanks for the submeeshion!

My little piggie out and about!!

Gonna eat yo plants up! Thanks for the submeeshion :)



Precious lil’ nug nug!


I can’t even believe she let me do this.

Pretty lady!

Willy is such a model!

I love these little guys so much


Whipple says hello !!

Cute lil chub monster!

Guinea’s All Dressed Up by cheri.vanauker on Flickr.

Your dream is to be as faboosh as me!


Playtime with Millie and Molly!
(Billy was there too but she was hiding in the tent)

This is my beautiful girl Fuzzy on the last day I got to spend with her. She brought me much joy, and had a distinct personality. While waiting on the vet, I put Scooby doo on my phone, which seemed to keep her calm and happy, despite the clear pain she was in.

What a pretty girl, thanks for the submeeshion!

Did you hear? The floor is edible!!!

Peekin’ atchoo!

"Sidenote ya’ll, harnesses are NOT good for guinea pigs"