James Ward (1769–1859) - Guinea Pigs. Oil on canvas, 29 x 39 cm. 1843.

I’d love to start a guinea pig fine art collection!

Momo got her first bath!

Lil’ Miss Bobble Head! Thanks for the submeeshion :)

Piggy feast with Oscar (brown) and Felix (black). I’ve never heard so much squealing. 

Guinea pig heaven! Thanks for the submeeshion :)


And the last one from this super cutie<333


Wait… Is there something on my head? Where?

OMG, so cute!! Thanks for the submeeshion :)

Hello!! I just wanted to thank you for rebloggging the picture of Yin and Yang!!! Bless you!! Here is a better picture of them just for you ^/^.

Well thank you so much! They are beyond precious :)


(left to right) Zoe, Dudley, and Stewie enjoying a peaceful afternoon ft. Stewie’s tiny tongue.. thedailyguineapig

Awwwwes! My dog and piggies would never hang out. Thanks for the submeeshion!


Urodzinowe zdjęcie świnek dla mojej siostry. Za aparatem mój TŻ kusił je koperkiem ;)



My two baby guinea pigs



Pulguinha, the Steampunk Guinea Pig by SkyPirate Creations
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Holy crazy steam-piggy awesomeness!! 

Baah! So cuuuutee :)

Pigloo on the move!


Thor (grey) and Loki enjoying a huggle

So sweet, thanks for the submeeshion!

Doodles and Patches prefer to keep their identities secret. 

BUMS!!! Thanks for the submeeshion!

Lol, what??